Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Sending In The Problem To Solve The Problem?

Today's blog post from the Department of State is about a global partnership to combat violent extremism (terrorism). It is mostly a bunch of flowery language making assertions about the goals and idealism that are pretty much counter to observed behavior of the administration. I'm not going to comment on that because it is just talk.

However, there is noted in the post something that just makes my head hurt. Here is the nuttery:

Third, we expanded where we focus our efforts -- from areas on the periphery of active conflicts to prisons in our own countries where inmates can be radicalized. In Italy, where this week’s conference gathers, the Ministry of Justice recently launched a program to have 15 imams and 40 cultural mediators work with prisoners. The initiative has been so successful, they are already looking to scale it up.

There is radicalization happening in jails so they are sending imams to the jail. Really? Am I the only one that sees this might be a problem? Well it says that the program is successful. As of this writing I could not find references to this program so no stats on success. Maybe my search skills are not good enough because I could only find articles about imams being put in jail.

If you can find an article or study about the success of the program please post in the comments.

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