Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Road Rage

Roads and transportation are just a rich subject right now. Line one from a blog post at has just set me off.

Today, our Nation's investment in transportation lags behind the rest of the world.

I would like a citation on "lags behind the rest of the world." Do we lag behind the three poorest countries: Malawi, Burundi, or Central African Republic?

The Secretary of U.S. Department of Transportation must not be aware of the internet. I did a quick search to see if there was a ranked list of expenditures on roads by countries and one popped up from 2013. Surprise, surprise. Guess who spends the most on roads? Here's the list:

Country $ in Millions
United States $74,164
Canada $20,109
Australia $18,417
France $15,860
Germany $15,503
Russia $11,235
Poland $11,108
Spain $7,893
Turkey $6,918
United Kingdom $6,872
Mexico $5,223
Romania $4,383
Norway $3,637
Netherlands $3,053
Azerbaijan $2,085
Czech Republic $1,727
Finland $1,244
New Zealand $1,121
Ireland $618
Slovakia $576
Bulgaria $459
Lithuania $457
Serbia $452
Latvia $299
Luxembourg $293
Georgia $288
Albania $280
Estonia $210

I've recently posted how broken gas taxes and green car subsidies are. I just finished how California built a road at $130,000 per foot!

We are wasting money on roads left and right through bad policies and inefficiencies. Politicians just make blanket assertions about falling behind the world to squeeze more money out of us. We are only falling behind in smart spending.

This is like a social justice movement that has achieved its goals will say "we have come a long way, but there is much more to accomplish" without laying out what needs to be done or lies through statistics to make it look like they actually have not been successful.

We have been taxed too much. Stop lying to us to justify taxing us more. Spend the money wisely or start privatizing things we can privatize!

It's like they are no longer trying to hide their lies.

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