Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Dog Days of Bureaucracy

This story is sensationalism and incomplete.

A woman was arrested for not relicensing her dog. Except she was arrested when she showed up to the sheriff's office to prove she did.

Wow. Where to begin.

She is going to court over this. It looks like it is inarguable she did it in a less then timeless manner.

But should she be jailed for 3 hours while her child is sitting in her car while she produced a 5 or 10 minute proof of compliance?

Let's get even more absurd than that.

Through mail, phone, and in-person contacts she was given notice to renew. Was she given the opportunity to renew through those contacts? No information in the article is given on that. The renewal is only $10. If there was an in-person contact why not say "do you have $10" and be dome with it?

I have no proof, but I have to say BUREAUCRATS! Fill out my form. It pleases me. I exist for you to lovingly drag your pen across my forms. Yes. I orgasm on the signature! Flair it!

3 hours of any one's time is worth more than $10 and man more than the $100 dollar fine. This is worth a counter suit.

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