Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The Iditerod is Rasict!

The ultimate sport deserves the ultimate coverage. How about the ultimate diversity?

Currently we are lamenting that too few players in baseball are black. No one has mentioned the Iditerod. In 2014 there were 69 racers and only one was black. Newton Marshall.
Well, here's the rub. Newton is not an African-American. He is Jamaican. No extra diversity points for African-Jamaican. Are there White-Jamaicans? Or is it Euro-Jamaicans? No, Euro includes Spain which are Hispanic-Jamaicans and are not White Devils. Anglosaxon-Jamaicans? Anglosaxon excludes the Spanish, right? What was I talking about?

Only 1.45% of the participants are black. 1 in 69, a sexy number. Are you saying blacks aren't sexy?

All of those Harlem youths that latch packs of wild dogs to their Radio Flyers are having their hopes dashed. Why? So cruel!

Do we really have to import black people to race dogs in sub-zero temperatures? The only black man in the world to do this has to be Jamacian high?


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