Monday, April 21, 2014

Cops Caught Plotting To Frame Innocent People On Their Own Dash Cam

Thank God (or those ingenious inventors and law enforcement policies) for dash cams. Some cops (12?) have been caught conspiring to plant drugs on two innocent people on their second illegal search.

Follow the above link for the full story. All I can say is this reads as a horrendous case of "power corrupts."

The fact that there a quotes of what the officers said in the article:
the house is clean, there is no meth in the house
we're gonna spike that and we're gonna spike him.
I got the meth in the ------- car
leads me to believe that this was obtained from the video tape.

However, trial by press and public opinion is wrong. We do need to see where this goes and what the conclusions are. Bare out all evidence.

I prefer to think that bad cops are the few. But why would a cop do anything as nefarious as the above suggests?

Stossel, have you any ideas?

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