Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Superbowl Rebellion

I may not care about sports but I am a man and I care about politics and economics.

I weep for the next Superbowl.

Okay. I don't weep, I'm a man. But I am super vinegar pissed off!

You can not tailgate at this years Super Bowl. You can not let a friend or family member drop you off at the Super Bowl. You can not even walk to the Super Bowl.

Government tells us what to do at the threat of a gun. Don't pay your taxes go to jail. Resist. Bang bang in an incident.

But you paid for this. You have purchased the advertisers products. You have gone to the home games. You buy food at the home games. They have profited at your exuberance.

So now, to just even get to the game you have to either for pay parking or buy transport on their approved minions.

If you scraped enough together to buy a ticket you are not allowed in without additional payment!?

I purport capitalism but that anti-walk-in policy is BULLSHIT!

The government has guns to support its policy; capitalism has popularism to support its policy.

It is probably too late in the game to register your complaint of the restrictive policies, but you can make for a messy aftermath!

These guys play a kids game and make a millionaires salary. Their managers don't even let you celebrate and they also make a millionaire's salary.

You are a money teat spewing out money milk.

Do not disrupt the Superbowl. Go to it. Enjoy. And once it is concluded,
Plan ahead to rebel. Buy an extra hot dog you don't plan to eat. Buy extra nachos with extra cheese. Bring a bag to the game and poop in it before the final minutes.

Winner is declared and EVERYONE throws their excess onto the field. Break your way to those press boxes and paid boxes. Piss and crap in their corridors.

Make the final scene a foul excrement of humanity.

Make them regret restricting your fun.

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