Thursday, December 26, 2013

Is Substandard Healthcare Okay?

Is substandard healthcare okay?


How can substandard healthcare be okay? It depends on how one defines substandard healthcare.

Obamacare was sold under the lies of how healthcare works, lies of what one would get, and lies of what one would save. In order for the President to save face he stated people lost policies that were substandard and would be happier with what they would now get.

Not only does the President not understand economics, he does not understand what substandard means. His definition is that a person needs to pay for and be covered for items that do and do not apply to them. At a quick glance this makes sense because if everyone pays into the pot then all of the procedures are funded; the fall down of the concept is a federal mandate places a national standard on economic systems that require local nuances. In short, all economics are local.

Obamacare is failing because it is trying to control market forces. It is working against what the market wants which is what the people want.

That aside, is substandard healthcare okay?


By substandard healthcare we mean the lowest quality of healthcare someone receives.

How can this be okay? Compare today's substandard healthcare with top tier healthcare 20 years ago; one generation. A substandard healthcare of today does not offer everything from back then but it does have treatments not even developed then. This is particularly true with medication. Some of the expensive techniques back then are now an affordable commodity today.

Healthcare is like any technology; it improves and becomes more cost effective over time.

Top tier healthcare is the most advanced and the most expensive. The most modern techniques are paid for by the rich; the techniques are improved on rich's dime. Without this funding the techniques do not get developed. Government funding may invest in the medical market but on a bureaucratic time table, budget, and stipulations. Medical advancement in a free market happens as quickly as the capital and ideas are available.

Just because not everyone can not get the very best healthcare does not mean what they receive is not any good. The care received today is better than the care of yesteryear. There is not enough of the most advanced care for everyone, however, the lesser the level of care the more accessible it is to everyone. So if the government tries to implement a more fair and accessible health care system the most distributed healthcare will be the most available which is not top tier.

Now who will pay for top tier if it is not an easily available care?

Federal regulations to demand common availability will push advanced medicine into the black market. Isn't black market abortions one of the reasons cited for a need to legalize abortions?

Advanced healthcare, available only in Galt's Gultch. 

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