Thursday, December 26, 2013

For The Love Of Failure

Oh how the press loves to point out failure, even if it is a first world problem.

UPS did not get all of its last minute orders delivered by Christmas. What is a last minute delivery? An order placed on Monday delivered by Wednesday. How many orders did they expect? 7.75 million.

UPS received more orders than expected and could not meet demands. Why are we complaining? The economy is doo-doo but Americans can still afford this much last minute shopping? ( Okay. A lot of that might be credit, so not so good. )

Let us contrast with President Obama's baby, ACA or Obamacare. In the first month it was expected to get 500,000 sign ups; that is less than 20,000 a day. All it had to do was push data from point A to point B. It failed.

UPS in ONE DAY expected MILLIONS of orders, pushed data from point A to point B and delivered products! It was overwhelmed because demand exceeded expectations.

After three months Obamacare has not met expectations and has increased demand by over eight times by causing policies to be terminated; Obamacare itself underestimated increased demand because it's left hand didn't know what the right hand was doing; meanwhile the demand it was confronted with was less than expectations and failed!

UPS will lose business for its mistakes even though in ONE DAY they took care of MILLIONS of customers.

So when are we going to fire the salesman that can't push just a little bit of data?

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