Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Creepy Calls for Obama

Have you ever fancied yourself a good candidate to be a telemarketer? Or do you just want to call people at random and freak them out because you know their name ahead of time?

Well, you get all of that with Obama's campaign. If you want to call people for Obama, he has a database at your fingertips for you to access. Log in, dial, and talk.

But I do get it. If you support Obama and you want to support his campaign he will give you some phone numbers to call. The calls are made on your dime, not his.

But here is the real creepy part. Personal information on his supporters is available to the public. Opponents have a chance to misuse this service. Just like how his donations page lacks security and your credit card is vulnerable, these Obama supporters are vulnerable.

Who dreamed up this project? Don't they care enough about their supporters to protect them?


Romney is creepy too!

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