Thursday, December 29, 2011

Time Does Not Dissolve Old Crimes

Hey Newt! Listen up you turd!

So yeah. You have broken the law for 25 years and established a place in the community. It cannot be reasonable to tear you from the fabric of the society, right?
Newt. That is not breaking the law 25 years ago but continuosly breaking the law for 25 years, or 9,131 days of breaking the law.

For some, time heals old unpunished crimes, but for others, the crime penetrates just as deep as if it was yesterday or 60 years ago.

There is a 99 year old man divorcing his wife over an affair she had in the 1940's. Her silence is as good as a lie.

Say what you will, how can he not forgive her after such a long time? I say, how can she decide to hide such dishonesty for such a long time?

Is it so hard to be honest? You need to remember the threads of your lies, but an honest person just needs to remember what has happened, but failure to do so, other will remember for you.

Live the truth. We will remember.

Live the lie. Who are you?

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