Sunday, December 18, 2011

Defiance With A Christmas Tree

After being threatened for the lighting of a Christmas tree, plans are in place to light three more. For all of the forced secularism and attacks Christians see on their customs and holidays in the US you must be wondering what state, what city is this happening in.

This is not happening in the US. This is an international crisis. South Korea has lit a tower structure that looks like a Christmas tree along the Korean border. North Korea is claiming it is psychological warfare.


The response is going to be more psychological warfare. South Korea plans to light three more Christmas trees on December 23rd.

I doubt that North Korea really considers this psychological warfare. It has got to be light envy; they just do not want to admit it. This is what a night time satellite photo looks like:

In fact, things are so bad in North Korea that light is not their biggest problem. Food is a problem. People are resorting to cannibalism.

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