Thursday, December 15, 2011

Living In La-La Land

Guess what is going on in New Haven, Connecticut. Go ahead, guess. Here is a hint. It deals with illegal immigrants and could influence something happening in 2012.

No, it is not about the upcoming apocalypse predicted by the Mayans. It is giving illegal immigrants the right to vote. Seriously. Mayor John DeStefano wants to give immigrants regardless of status the right to vote.

He does worry that this legislation might not pass because there was some difficulty in getting legislation passed to give illegal immigrants in-state tuition rates.

What could be more fair than letting illegal immigrants vote? How about letting the dead recall the governor? "So what! The dead can vote in Chicago," you may say. How about letting fictional characters recall the governor? That is even more fair. Let the nonexistent have a political voice too!

This is happening in Wisconsin for approving signatures for the petition of the recall of Gov. Walker. As long as Mickey Mouse has properly dated and has given a Wisconsin address, it will count. That is bad news for Adolf Hitler because his signature did not count in a previous recall petition because he gave his address as being in Germany.

Imagine that. Hitler's petition signature did not count because he said he was from Germany. Maybe he should move to New Haven where he will be more welcome.

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