Thursday, November 3, 2011

What would 99% do?

It is hard to believe that the people that expanded the country to the West did it without iPhones, the Internet, or protesting. They did it with a few tools, inspiration, and perspiration. The tools and opportunities that are available to us today are mind-boggling. What are your desires? Given the chance to fulfill them, would you?

Let us then forget desires.

Let us focus on something you really believe in. You believe in it so much you join a protest. You camp out in a park day after day, night after night, week after week. In this bad economy you believe a job is a right. You demand that Wall Street provides jobs.

Then it happens. Job providers come to you. They meet your demands. They come providing jobs.

And then you say...

[ insert snide clever remark about OccupyWallStreet here ]

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  1. Maybe a 2x4 applied to the base of the skull would change their view of things.