Sunday, November 13, 2011

Fox Fumbles

On the heels of the Penn State sex scandal Fox's newest cartoon "Allen Gregory" aired an episode of a homosexual father pushing an Elementary school dance into going gay. Again, an adult male pushed the dance theme to be boys asking boys and girls asking girls to the dance.


This third episode should have been canned in light of the recent events. The feel of this episode was an aggressively predatory homosexual agenda. The show ends with a speech that encourages the children to experiment sexually and then make up their mind.

After the speech the Principle does blurt out "Everything he said is wrong!" Funny thing about the show, if you consider it funny, is that all the  characters that portray any common sense in the show are ignored or belittled, constantly. Is this social commentary on liberal bias in the media deriding traditional values? Or is this thought to be funny because anyone that makes sense is ignored? It is the same joke over and over; it was not funny the first time in the show and it still isn't.

Why is this show on at 8:30? Probably because they are counting on a bridging viewership from "the Simpson's" at 8:00 to "Family Guy" at 9:00. I dare Fox to move the show to 9:30. They won't do it. Do you know why? Every local news station that follows Fox's animation block would be up in arms. Local news viewership for Fox would plummet. Review NBC's debacle with Leno, Conan, and the Tonight show. Local news suffered miserably.

I said it before and I'll say it again: "Allen Gregory must die!"

I know I can change the channel. You didn't have to read this blog entry.

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