Tuesday, August 4, 2015

I support the police but...

The stupidity is incredible. Just incredible.

Here is the set of information that the Court and the police had:
  • The police were receiving online threats coming from a specific IP address
  • The IP address belongs to a 68 year old woman's wifi network
  • The woman's wifi network is unprotected
  • Two houses down from the woman is a man with a history of making threats against the police
What happened next?

A U.S. Circuit Judge recommended waiting a day or two to get a better understanding of whom was responsible.

What happened next?

The day after the court's recommendation the police sent in an 11 man SWAT team knocking down a door and throwing two flash bang grenades through an open window at, guess who's house? That right. The 68 year old woman's house.

The 68 year old woman and her 18 year old daughter, yes, the story says 18 year old daughter, were put in handcuffs and interrogated. After it was obvious they were not involved they were released.

What happened next?

The next day the police asked the other suspect, yes, asked, to come in for questioning.

The police justified the first assault because they thought there might be someone armed and dangerous inside the home.

Seriously. WTF?

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