Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Escape from California

It is so depressing when fictional dystopian movies come close to being real life.

So far a majority of driver's licenses issued by California went to illegal aliens. 443,000 of 883,000 licenses by the end of July in 2015 went to illegal aliens.

Maybe we should build a fence around California and change California from a state to a jail or loony bin like "Escape from LA" and "Escape from New York." It is driving out all sorts of businesses due to its tax policies, but is taking in all sorts of illegal aliens. How long till Americans are the minority in California?

Maybe we just kick California out of the union and give it to Mexico. There you go Mexico. Pay for those Californian entitlements.

Best thing might be to strip California of its laws and make it a territory of Texas subject to Texan law. YeeHA!

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