Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Why we don't need the Second Amendment

We have the Second Amendment to provide protection against the government if it raises arms against the people.

Hasn't that been happening?

So many government agencies now have their own police force; this means the agencies have arms. People worry about the NSA collecting meta data but when is the last time you heard of them kicking in an American's door and arresting them? None. However, the Bureau of Land Management had no problem invading Bundy's ranch and killing his cows over a tax dispute. Why not a court order? The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service raided Gibson Guitars over what wood they were using which in the end was shown they did nothing wrong. Couldn't they have sent in an inspector instead of a raiding force?

The point is arms are being raised against the people and that is only two simple examples. However the military is not raising arms against the people but faceless bureaucracies are doing so. This is why people don't recognize the violation for what it is.

We have had the Supreme Court deem it is okay for the government to take your land for financial improvement for the common good and also deem that we can be taxed for our mere existence through the Affordable Care Act.

We are also victims of Congress trying to legislate physics. Fuel efficiency in cars and pollution control causes the design of smaller and or lighter cars that are less safe regardless of their safety features. Incandescent light bulbs were not made illegal by name but made illegal by defining how much energy can be used per lumen. As a result you get bulbs with poisonous mercury or a really expensive LED bulb.

So why do you so love the Second Amendment? Where are the bodies showing you've stood up for your rights? Work within the system you say? Really? The oppression through agencies and regulations are from unelected officials you can not depose. You didn't vote in those judges nor can you kick them out using the system.

We do have elected Congressmen that have passed oppressive laws (A.C.A., light bulbs). Why are they still in power? Is that your version of working within the system?

Recently Gruber, an architect of the A.C.A., said that a tortured language, lack of transparency, and lies were need to pass the A.C.A. because the public were to stupid to approve something he thought was good for them. He's right; you are stupid.

There it is. It has been exposed that for the government to tax you for your existence they had to lie to you because you are too stupid to make decisions for yourselves.

So why are you so attached to the Second Amendment? I see no bodies proving your affection for it. All we get are crazies going into gun free zone and killing innocents; the result is a call for more gun control and you go nuts.

Where are the bodies of those that legislate away your freedoms?


I thought so.

You are never going to exercise your Second Amendment rights because as Gruber said you are too stupid.

Our lives are so comfortable that no one wants to rock the boat. People are picked off here and there by the government and there are no repercussions.

Why are you so insatiable for a right you don't want to exercise?

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  1. There are plenty of willing patriots, but no LEADERS.