Tuesday, November 4, 2014

It's not a Republican Wave ...

... but it might be the start of a Conservative wave.

As I write this the Senate is 2 Independents, 43 Democrats, 52 Republicans, and 3 seats to be determined.

The House is 157 Democrats, 235 Republicans, and 43 seats to be determined.

If there was a veto proof Congress I might believe we had a Republican wave, but I think we see the sand being wiped from the peoples' eyes. Maybe the voters realize after voting for a black man (if you can call a half white half black man raised by his white mom and white grandparents in Hawaii black) twice and yet be disparaged for being racist, or being promised they can keep their doctors and insurance by Democrats, and many other lies, maybe people realized the lies from honey dripped lips of snakes promising the government will be there to make it all okay while destroying their world.

With so many lies, maybe Republicans are not racist; after all they were spawned with Lincoln; Republicans put the first black man on the Supreme Court and the Democrats fought it. They might not be sexist since they put the first woman on the Supreme Court. Maybe, the Democrats tell a lot of lies about Republicans or just tell a lot of lies.

This could be a turning point for Republicans. Both Libertarians and the Tea Party are the most credible criticizers of their actions. The press are a fluffy pillow for the Democrats.

Let us wait and see.

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