Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Hillary Weiner Problem

A couple weeks ago Anthony Weiner failed an attempt to garner the Democratic nomination for New York Governor, as well as should happen. Unfortunately Hillary Clinton was elected to Senator representing New York while guilty of the same sins as Weiner; she was also elevated to the appointed level of Secretary of State.

Same sins?

Your mind is probably grasping for sexual straws and scandals to understand my accusation. Honestly, if a person was honest about their perversions most would probably say, "okay" or "so what?" But Hillary and Weiner not only lied but tried reversal accusation.

Let us start with Weiner. Such a simple deconstruction. He did something distasteful and was caught. He actually did what he was accused of and it was embarrassing, but not illegal. However he blamed hackers and also blamed the right or Republicans. He actually did something wrong and tried to gain political points by casting accusations that his oponents framed him.

No where close to the truth.

Weiner slandered. He did something bad, claimed he did not do it, and claimed someone else framed him for doing what he actually did. That is not just a simple Nixon cover up but a total projection of "I didn't do it" and throwing guilt upon the innocent.

Hillary is a very close parallel. Part of the reason her horn dog husband was elected in '92 was drama; "bimbo eruptions" put him on the radar. Even more embarrassing is Gennifer Flowers is actually documented on Hillary's wikipedia page.

Once the Monica Lewinsky scandal hit the news Hillary blamed the "right wing conspiracy." Hillary, we all knew Billy cheats on you. We knew you knew. We just wondered what you got from the unionship. You got failed Hillary-care. Count your lucky feathers because Obamacare just might destroy your greatest rivals historical stance.

Let us regress.

Hillary's husband was reported as cheating and she blamed the vast right wing conspiracy. Hillary tried to make political hay of accusing someone telling the truth about something wrong her husband actually did.

And so Hillary tumbles like a Weiner?


She should plummet and plop and stick immobile in the political sludge of D.C. Any political elevation at this point is unearned but facilitated by her gumption and fans.

It seems the most insane blindspot upon the public and press is a "disgression" of what the real wrong is. Who cares that you did "hubba hubba?" If you actually did it is more immoral to accuse your opponent for "lying and saying you did it."

If you cannot own up to it, you are not good enough for any one.

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