Sunday, September 22, 2013

Price Control from Obamacare to Toilet Paper

Oh the stupidity of people and government. People should have health care because it is a right. So to ensure people have health care it is illegal not to have health insurance. And the government defines what needs to be in that insurance. This way if people pay for stuff they don't even need. That pooled together money reduces costs, right? Plus government will limit what you can charge which again reduces costs, right?

One of the popular trends today to get projects of many different types off the ground is "crowd funding." That sort of sounds like Obamacare right? Get a lot people to pay for something. However the difference is "crowd funding" is voluntary and Obamacare is at the point of a gun. A popular project under "crowd funding" could get a lot of money if successful, otherwise the project fails.

Obamacare is like a tax, but not a tax. Are you listening douche bag Justice Roberts? (Someone pee in his morning coffee please.) The government taxes us and takes our money and spends it on what it thinks best. Obamacare tells us if we do not have health insurance we have to pay a fine, not a tax. We are charged for our existence.

Also, if the government limits how much can be charged for services then everything will be affordable, right? Maybe. Most probably it will be affordable but not necessarily available.

Just turn to Venezuela to see what price controls do. If you don't remember this I will refresh your memory. Venezuela suffered a toilet paper shortage because of price controls. It is now so bad that the Venezuelan government has "temporarily" taken control of the toilet paper factories to make sure that toilet paper is being produced for the people. That's right. Force is being used to make sure people make toilet paper.

That is the result of price control.

How steady will your doctor's hand be when he has to operate at gun point?

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