Monday, February 11, 2013

Dept. of Energy brags about spending our tax dollars

A recent post from the Department of Energy announces the exciting opportunity for companies to compete for $150,000,000 in clean energy tax credits. Well, it turns out this money is unused funds from previous awardees.


We are broke. We have seen "Green Technologies" that the government has funded go under. This is money from the 2009 stimulus for $2,300,000,000,000 for green technologies. Can you imagine that? Instead of returning it to the general fund they are continuing to try to fund failing technologies!? It might be minuscule in the budget sense, but really!? WTF!? Pay off some debt instead!

FU DOEnergy. FU!

Stop pissing away our money! Most of the DoEnergy's post is about how good it is to fund these failing technologies. I cannot believe they slipped and told us "Hey! We eFed up. Here's $150 mil. Give it back? Why? Take it."

Now, as a bit of a teaser, "green success."

Can you guess the green success story? It is coming. There's nothing wrong with green energy. The wrong is the government's push. They cannot pick winners.

Feel good capitalism green a comin'!

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