Thursday, January 24, 2013

You're Not Helping

The Department of Energy has a blog entry titled "Keeping America Competitive: Bringing Down the Cost of Small Wind Turbines."

So how does the blog describe the way to accomplish this? The government is going to "invest" in two projects that will help upgrade manufacturing processes for wind turbines. And of course "invest" means that our tax dollars are given to these projects which means the government subsidizes the companies.

Remember how bad it is that we subsidize oil companies? Then again, I am still fuzzy on that fact. I think they get tax breaks, not subsidies. Very different.

Basically, in the end the government is not making wind energy cheaper. The government is making us pay for it regardless of whether or not we want to pay for it. So if we have paid for it to make it cheaper so that we can buy it then we really haven't made it cheaper. We will just be buying it because we've already paid for part of it.

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