Thursday, January 24, 2013

It's Global Warming, NOT!

The Department of Commerce. Yeah, you heard me. The Department of Freakin' Commerce.

Global warming? Bite me.

The Commerce blog does tend to get off topic sometimes. So just like my previous post I want to tell you the title of the post I am going to rail on, which is "By a Wide Margin, 2012 was the United States’ Warmest Year on Record."

Wow. Scary. Wide margin. How can you argue that?


And the blog post itself. So even though I have linked to the post, I am reposting the whole blog post since it is so short:
According to the latest statistics from NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center, the average temperature for the contiguous United States for 2012 was 55.3° Fahrenheit, which was 3.2° Fahrenheit above the twentieth-century average and 1.0° Fahrenheit above the previous record from 1998. The year consisted of the fourth-warmest winter, a record-warm spring, the second-warmest summer, and a warmer-than-average autumn.

The map shows where the 2012 temperatures were different from the 1981–2010 average. Shades of red indicate temperatures up to 8° Fahrenheit warmer than average, and shades of blue indicate temperatures up to 8° Fahrenheit cooler than average—the darker the color, the larger the difference from average temperature. Full release
Are you kidding me!? For a record warm year only one season, Spring, was a record high and yet another season, Autumn, wasn't even stated as a ranking but just above average.

It took 14 years to set a record warm year. That means we had to have a yardstick before the year 2000 to judge this past year as the warmest. On a geological scale mankind's presence on the earth is small, and mankind's accurate measurement of weather on the scale of mankind is small.

Why do so many people freak out about a blip of measurement in our existent which is a blip in the existent of the Earth which is a blip of the existent of the Universe? Well, our politics is freaked out and up. No one talks about the benefits of things getting warmer like the ability to expand growing seasons or further northern farming.

The sampling for alarm in the post is freaked, and the freakiest part is only a 3 month cycle.

If given a choice, would you rather the globe ten degrees warmer or colder? That is a huge swing but we could live in a swing that hotter, but that colder would destroy agriculture. That means much less food.

So even though the statistics are not definitively "Oh my Freakin God" warming, why aren't we striving to make it? Do you hate plants so much you want to reduce a critical food source in CO2 and warmth? Do you hate vegetarians so much that you want to kill off their only food source?

Yeah. I'm saying it. If you want to stop global warming you hate vegetarians. You hate animal lovers you sick bastard!

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