Monday, August 15, 2011

Che Twit

UK riots are spawning from social networking on the internet. So far twitter has refused to shut down accounts of these rioters. The company deems the freedom of expression of rioters more important than the safety of the people they target. After all, this is the poor against the rich, or middle class and rich kids having fun; or was this about the cops shooting Mark Duggan? So far the riots has cost the lives of five citizens and no cops.
The rioting is also about looting. Ebay and Gumtree though are doing their part and will not sell the looted goods. Just as the internet has been used to coordinate the riots, so it has been used to identify the guilty.

How poor is the poor if they have phones and internet connectivity to coordinate the riots? It is going to get them caught. Phones have GPS systems; they are carrying around a location device. How smart are these rioters? Can they read past a 140 character twitter message? Loot any good books lately? No.

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