Monday, August 1, 2011

Ayn Rand : Philosopher or Psychic

The novel "Atlas Shrugged" lays out a nightmarish world describing how government attempts to create utopia by sucking the life blood out of capitalism. This becomes an utter failure in which the nation collapses. It is supposed to be a piece of fiction, that is until life imitates art.
Are the capitalists really viewing today's government like "Atlas Shrugged?" Steve Wynn describes how business men view what is going on. He explains why no one wants to invest in their own business at this point in time.
We have another business man, Ronnie Bryant, explaining his frustration. He is going on to follow in the shoes of the fictional character Ellis Wyatt. He could be opening up another mine but has decided to quit.
Is it really all that bad? How about getting fined $90,000 dollars on a yearly sale of $4,600 for rabbits? This fine which can potentially get up to $3,900,000!

Just like in the final pages the government is begging John Galt to save them, but refuse to implement what he says needs to be done, the same goes for our government. They feel they've done their part by raising taxes and spending it, now we need to do our part and hire people.

If you have not read "Atlas Shrugged" yet, you probably should before the 2012 elections. Hurry up! It is a long book.

Update : Aug 3

Another supporting interview about how business leaders feel today.

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