Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Video Roundup : March 15, 2016


"The Assassination of Trump" by Paul Joseph Watson.

"What Pisses Me Off About Donald Trump Protests" by Stefan Molyneux.

"Media GUILTY of shameful double standard on violent Trump protests" by Rebel Media.

Abortion, Journalism, and Triggering

There are all sorts of wussy insanity in this video from Rebel Media.


Socialism needs to keep selling itself to the people. Canada has socialized medicine; here a hospital uses its tax dollars to produce a magazine to tell people how great they are. No need to put the money into health care! Courtesy of Rebel Media.

Liberty Pen spotlights John Stossel and Gloria Alvarez talking about socialism in Latin America.


Facebook censoring posts about court cases on fracking from Rebel Media.

Protesters shut down talk on political correctness and how it stifles free speech from Rebel Media.


"5 Hillary Clinton Flip-Flops" by The Amazing Atheist.


Another individual Islamic terrorist attack in Canada from Rebel Media.

Global Warming

"Can Humans Cause Global Warming with CO2-Emissions From the Burning of Fossil Fuels?" by The Heartland Institute.

Some Levity

Mark Dice tries to sell a 100 oz. silver bar for $100 or less.

Super Delegates...To the Rescue (of Hillary Clinton)! by ReasonTV.


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