Wednesday, November 11, 2015

No such thing as straight women?

Psychologists are some of the most over-educated idiots. The normalization of homosexuals then transgenders and now there is no such thing as a "straight woman!"

What the hell is going on? Not only are you a bad person if you don't like homosexuality, or don't agree with gay marriage, or think transgender is a mental issue, but now you are abnormal or lying to yourself if you think you're straight?

The article summarizes the study which observes women looking at videos of naked people. There is zero mention of studying men which could serve as a control group. But the study claims that since women get aroused seeing a naked woman that means they are not straight!


I bet if men were used in this study they would become aroused by seeing a naked man because they would expect it to be porn and would see a naked woman soon. This does not make you gay!

Most people are straight! All of you that fall out of the norm should just deal with it. We don't care about your lifestyle until you keep shoving it in our face demanding we validate you because of your nontraditional lifestyle.

Validation comes from good works, so go do something good and stop talking about your genital preferences.

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  1. Women have always been more "open" about their feeling than men. I remember when two women could walk down the street holding hands, or greet each other with a full-on mouth kiss and no one would think anything about it. But in our "enlightened" times of sexual "freedom", it's "Come out of the closet! Embrace your sexuality!".
    Sex has become an OBLIGATION and a POLITICAL orientation.