Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Dept. of Education Hispanic Fail

Why is the state of education so bad? Because the Department of Education is run by idiots.

They make this painfully obvious in this blog post. Here is the opening paragraph:

Today, nearly one in four students in our nation’s public elementary and secondary schools is Hispanic. Yet, less than one in 10 teachers—or roughly just 8 percent of America’s teaching force—is Hispanic. As the Hispanic population grows, it’s critically important that our teacher workforce reflects our increasingly diverse nation. Hispanic children can benefit by being taught by educators who share their experiences and culture. But it’s also important for all students to learn from teachers who are diverse, dedicated, and passionate.

Let us examine this for a moment. "As the Hispanic population grows" it grows illegally. This has consequences. And the consequence is more students than teachers because:
  • There has been an influx of illegal immigrant children only
  • Illegals can go to school
  • Illegals can not (should not) work in the U.S. because they are supposed to have permits to work
  • Illegals tend to be unskilled
Do you want your kid's teacher to be an illegal unskilled immigrant?

There is also the blanket statement that the teaching force needs to reflect the ethnic makeup of the country. This idea of equal outcome instead of equal opportunity is detrimental. If someone wants to be a teacher they will become a teacher. If they don't, they won't. Filling a job needs to be determined by the quality of the worker, not an ethnicity quota.

Then we get that Hispanics benefit from being taught by Hispanics because they share a culture. Then they say any student benefits from teachers that are diverse from them. What is it? Should the teacher share the student's culture or be diverse to benefit the student? Both claims are made.

And a note about culture. We need to promote the American culture and grow based on our common interests more so than our differences. Promoting Americans to hold onto cultures of other countries more so than the American culture is what is dividing the people.

Then there is an accompanying video. At 27 seconds we get "teachers can inspire and impact students regardless of their background." Then at 57 seconds we get "as our nation's Hispanic student population grows there is an increasing need for more teachers who are Hispanic." Once again we get culture doesn't matter and then it does.

These are the people controlling education. They make policies based on pathetic double-think.

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