Monday, March 2, 2015

Multicultural or Racist Emojis

Let's inject race into Emojis! What could go wrong?

In a most bizarre rambling video DNews has ever done they talk about injecting race into a non-race sensitive communication to celebrate multiculturalism to make race less significant. What what? Racialising a neuter technology makes it less racist?

This will provide so much food for the trolls they will bloat our data streams.

Now the wrong person using the wrong emoji can be called racist.

We live in such a comfort zone we are designing ways to detect racism in the way you type. We are demanding you all be sheeple less be called racist or sexist.

I'll say it. I'm racist if it means I'm okay if I'm white. I don't really care what race you are but I'm okay with being white. Racism seems to now mean you can't like being white.

I'm also a male and I am good with that. And somehow that make me sexist in the trill chatter of today's language.

So we will now take one of the inert communications where we exchange ideas and insert race. The sex will follow, right?

So all of this coming together equally we will find ways to pollute the exchange of nothing but ideas with our race and sex to taint the quality of the idea?

You all just freaking SUCK!

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