Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Buy this Dame a Drink!

Julia Pierson resigned as Director of the Secret Service. Buy this dame a drink!

Of all of the P.O.S.s that have been appointed by Obama, Julia is the only one man enough to fall upon the sword.

Odd. Her name is Julia and the Obama campaign had a "Life of Julia" campaign that showed how weak women were and needed the government (instead of a man).

This Julia fell on the sword for the government.

Buy this dame a drink.

Eric Holder resigned. So the F**k what. He's a partisan racist hack. It does no one any good, except maybe those that expect true justice, so maybe everyone.

Julia might have been qualified for the job except for the Obama administration touting they put a woman in charge of the Secret Service for the first time. Just cast doubt if she was put in position because she was qualified or had a vagina.

One thing the Obama administration didn't expect was that she has integrity.

She fell upon the sword.

Buy this dame a drink!

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