Sunday, January 26, 2014

Global Warming Promotes Global Peace

Having spent a lot of my life in Michigan I can tell you the idea of global warming is a welcome idea. I remember growing up and the climatologists were saying we were entering a new ice age or global cooling. Living in Michigan I knew that cold weather means the same as dead earth. Warmth is life.

So the arising warning in the 80's of global warming confused me and made me distrust the climatologists. The about-face caused the distrust. The panic confused me because we went from a warning of no ability to grow crops to longer growing seasons; that sounds good to me!

I muse on.

In cold weather you can always put on more clothes; in warmer weather we take them off.

Soldiers are not immune to this effect. I just don't see a bunch of naked soldiers firing upon each other, especially when we let women serve. Do you? Isn't that a bit of a distraction?

I know, I know. The Muslim nations don't let women serve. Well, if you didn't know this in the Muslim culture even though homosexuality is forbidden they say "women are for babies, boys are for fun."

If global warming is coming,

saddle up boys!

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