Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Boo Freaking Hoo!

Major butt hurt instead of painful renal failure.

Ha HA! Jokers!

Cry me a river you slimy lizards! ( Note: Lizards are not slimy but cold blooded and feel slick due to their scales. Lizards are awesome! ) All of you politicians suxor!

Government shuts down, but I'm sure they're gonna get back pay. ( Eloquent on the "gonna," huh? )

So who's asses are chafed?

Department of Commerce
Department of Justice. No news for Oct. 1. I guess justice does sleep on Obama's watch.
Department of Education. Pile on your non-moderated comments!
National Institutes of Health
Department of State
Department of Labor
Department of Transportation
Department of Energy

I don't care.

Go butt hurt yourself.

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